The Space Race

Book and audio CD. Three people, British, Russian and American, talk about the space race. The period from 1957 to 1975 is covered and sound recordings of the Apollo moon landing are included.
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60 page photocopiable book and 20 minute audio CD.

Listen to an excerpt from the CD story - just Click here.

Three people, who all had their 10th birthdays on the day Russia launched the first satellite into space in 1957, talk about the space race between the USSR and USA.

Brian, living in Britain, talks about the impact of space technology such as communications satellites on everyday life and about other events that happened in Britain during the 1960s. Amy is American and talks about the Cold War and the fear caused in the USA by Russia's early dominance of space. Alexei looks at the same events from a Russian perspective.

The CD covers 1957 to 1975 and includes sound recordings of the Apollo moon landing.

The follow-up worksheets are differentiated for children of all abilities from non-readers to the very able. An abridged version of the script is provided giving children experience of reading for information. A wide range of materials, extension activities and fact files allow children to explore the topic in more detail and make links to other areas of the curriculum.

The pack includes
* 20 minute story on CD
* Teacher's Handbook - containing full instructions on using the pack, teaching suggestions, further reading lists and places to visit.
* Photocopiable Storybook - 8 fully illustrated A5 pages.
* Worksheets - differentiated worksheets for children of all abilities.
* Materials - an abridged version of the script (reading for information), basic and extended glossaries, a time line.
* Fact Files - exploring some of the key topics of the study unit in more detail.
* Extension Activities - practical things to do and make, from wordsearches to cookery and model making.
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