An Egyptian Priest

Book and audio CD. Natsef Amun, a Priest in the Temple of Amun, describes his daily life.
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60 page photocopiable book and 20 minute audio CD.

Listen to an excerpt from the CD story - just Click here.

Natsef Amun is a Priest in the Temple of Amun at Karnak in 1100 B.C. He describes his daily life and the religion of the Ancient Egyptians. He also talks about the life of the ordinary people of Egypt and their dependence on the River Nile.

Egyptian burial customs are discussed, Natsef Amun explains that the great pyramids at Giza are already over 1,000 years old.

The story ends with the narrator describing the sources of information about Ancient Egyptian civilization and explaining that Natsef Amun is still around today - his mummy is at Leeds City Museum.

The follow-up worksheets are differentiated for children of all abilities from non-readers to the very able. An abridged version of the script is provided giving children experience of reading for information. A wide range of materials, extension activities and fact files allow children to explore the topic in more detail and make links to other areas of the curriculum.

The pack includes
20 minute story on CD
Teacher's Handbook - containing full instructions on using the pack, teaching suggestions, further reading lists and places to visit.
Photocopiable Storybook - 8 fully illustrated A5 pages.
Worksheets - differentiated worksheets for children of all abilities.
Materials - an abridged version of the script (reading for information), basic and extended glossaries, a time line.
Fact Files - exploring some of the key topics of the study unit in more detail.
Extension Activities - practical things to do and make, from wordsearches to cookery and model making.

An Egyptian Priest - CD Tracks
1. Introduction (who is Natsef Amun?)
2. Temples
3. Priests
4. Home and family
5. The River Nile
6. Gods and Tombs
7. Tombs and Death
8. Early Investigations of Natsef Amun's Mummy
9. Modern Investigations of the Mummy
10. Reconstructing the face of Natsef Amun

Book Contents
Teacher's Guide
Worksheets based on CD story
Extended worksheets requiring investigation and research
Cloze procedure worksheets
Drawing worksheets
Information and Fact Files
Natsef Amun's Story (as on CD)
Counting and Maths
Egyprian Farming
Education and Writing
Clothes and Jewellery
Making Date Cakes
Making a Papyrus Scroll
Moving Heavy Weights
Make a Shabti
Make Your Own Cartouche
A Sand Picture
Senet - An Egyptian Game
Masters for children's booklet to look at whilst listening to the CD
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